Open Bookshelf Display Light Line White

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The Open Bookshelf Display Light Line modular system intelligently combines refinement of shapes, environmental compatibility and versatility. Open Bookshelf Display Light Line is made up of 45x45x32cm modules, 45x90x32cm plus a 90×27.5x32cm foot module to be assembled together but can be easily disassembled because it uses a non-permanent mechanical assembly method without gluing. Perfect as a bookcase, object holder or display, it is made of highly resistant cardboard and wood, a mix of winning materials on an aesthetic and functional level. Thanks to these features, Open Bookshelf Display turns out to be an ideal furnishing system also for a shop, an exhibition or a temporary shop, where the items on sale change constantly. Open Bookshelf Display Light Line is a product with an ecological and sustainable design that guarantees durability over time with particular attention to protecting the environment. Each modular element that composes it can be easily removed and replaced in case of damage or wear at a low cost. Moreover, in case of elimination, all the materials are easily and immediately separable from each other, allowing for differentiated disposal. The particular design of Open Bookshelf Display Light Line allows to maintain resistance and durability in the “ecodesign collection” version (cardboard furniture), made of 100% ecological and recyclable cardboard. 

Available in different facade colors in front only or in front and back panels.

MATERIAL: cardboard, white colored HDF sheet

MEASURES: 2 modules 90x45x32cm; 1module 90x45x32cm;   Foot 90×27.5×32 (WxHxD)

Delivery time: 10 working days

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Drop us and e-mail if you want different facade color or combination.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 90 × 32 × 112.5 cm